Starting the new year off with a post by relative rock newbies, American band


formed in 2016, comprising of one of the former members of Queens of the Stone
Age, guitarist // Troy Van Leeuwen // singer and bass player from Mastodon
// Troy Sanders // composer and founder of Los Angeles based music production
company Sencit Music  // Mike Zarin // & drummer // Tony Hajjar // from Texas
post-hardcore band At the Drive-In , as we take a look at a couple of tracks from
their upcoming album // Echolocation // due out January 13, beginning with
// Sentient // a low key, high brow journey into the center of soft rock peddled
as progressive before someone realizes the sound system is set too low. I don't
know if I like this. Is it too clichéd? Let's try another on for size, turning to
jukebox envy // Gift // and I am finally ready to order a lager top in a dingy
Winter seaside collage bar, devoid of atmosphere yet filled with acne in ripped
jeans. I am strangely enjoying the MV, but it could be because you have tripped
the switch on my sympathy button. No. It's not that. I actually like this track.
Follow the footsteps to pre-order here:


Mine's a pint.

• nJoy •

:: GONE IS GONE :: Sentient ::

:: GONE IS GONE :: Gift [Official MV] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: GONE IS GONE :: Dublin [Official MV] ::

[Image: detail clip from 'Dublin' MV]


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