Checking out a couple of tracks from American indie rock duo


ahead of the release of their next album // Hang // due out January 20th,
comprising of high school chums // Jonathan Rado // & // Sam France //.
With a psychedelic vintage style combined with quirky personalities, you
could be forgiven for thinking you'd picked up something in a music store
discount bin, as we dive in, head first, to sample one of the album's offerings
// Follow the Leader //. See, this is what happens when you use your truck to
cruise by a 7/11 and pick up a day labouring choreographer. You get an A for
effort and for obtaining a level of positivity that allows you to dance like
no-one's watching. Fans of nu-folk will appreciate the catchy tune, which
sticks in your mind like someone else's bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe.
Buoyed up by their sojourn into acting, they increase their repertoire in the
official MV for the interestingly entitled track // On Lankershim //. The tune is
a little bit country, a little bit indie rock 'n' roll. I suspect these dudes speak
Betamax. Beware. They'll pull you in. It's not a bad ride. Oh. Hang on. It
might be. After the abrupt ending, the silence, it sounds so sweet. The album
is available to pre-order at a vendor of your choice, here:


• nJoy •

:: FOXYGEN :: Follow the Leader [Official MV] ::

:: FOXYGEN :: On Lankershim [Official MV] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: FOXYGEN :: Shuggie [Official MV ▫ 2012] ::

[Image: Detail from Foxygen's 2014 Milwaukee Gig Poster]


  1. The on lakashim song reminds in the dedths of the singer, of bowie and I liked the second song too.


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