Embracing the new week with a look at the upcoming release of UK
alternative rock band

:: ELBOW ::

and their new album // Little Fictions // due out February 3rd, as we dig
into a couple of tracks, starting with the trending face morphing MV for
their song // Gentle Storm //. Hunt the Doctor. Who? Now why did I just
do that? Pleasant, the refreshing way that hot buttered toast is with just hot
butter, before moving on to sample the next morsel entitled // Magnificent
(She Says) // representing the album's first track, which puts a positive spin
on our inter-connectivity with each other & our environment, familial &
eternal. It awakens the time when you knew everything you needed to know,
before you were taught how to function in a programmed society filled with
rules, religion, and billions of opposing forces. Climbing down off my soap
box, I offer you a link to follow, leading to their exclusive store for some
pre-order additional extras:

E l b o w S t o r e

• nJoy •

:: ELBOW :: Gentle Storm ::

:: ELBOW :: Magnificent (She Says) ::

[ Artwork: Elbow's 2005 Leeds University Gig Poster by Matt Ferres (Detail) ]


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