Sampling one smooth Sunday via the unreleased EP by electronic future Russian
music producer // Sergei Deulin // a.k.a

:: M A N U   S H R I N E ::

recently seeing the light of day due to his untimely passing in 2015 at the age
of 28. The four track EP entitled // END // works like four seasons, with the
first track // Can't You Hear // beginning a chilled out quest tangling round
a somnabulistic experience leading to // Don't For Me // & on past the title track
// End // which could sit happily as a bridge on any Buddha Bar compilation
CD, finally rounding out the session with // Phoenix // presenting a journey
that delivers a present peace and an endless invitation to replay.

• nJoy •

:: M A N U    S H R I N E :: End EP [Unreleased] ::


1  ▪  Can't You Hear

2  ▪  Don't For Me

3  ▪  End

4  ▪  Phoenix

[Revolving hand gif: Source: Various]


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