Casting an eye over some blues and nu-jazz back catalogues in honor of
#throwbackthursday  with a mood not for the feint-hearted or those casting
an eye out for a suitable bridge, unless your name's Marina, but that's
another story, beginning with something recent from American singing


and her blue eyed soul track // Carry On // off this years album
// Day Breaks //. As some kind of hello boomerangs back to some kind
of goodbye, the mood is further piqued through alternative indie singer

:: NOUELA ::

and her cover of Simon and Garfunkel's 1964 song // The Sound of
Silence // that she recorded in 2014. The video is as touching as her
emotive voice, replete with a clarity that cuts through the ennui of
numb. Re-threading the needle with Scottish singing songwriter


and her 1995 hit // No More 'I Love You's // from her album // Medusa //.
Whilst she made the track her own, it was first performed by // The Lover
Speaks // appearing on their self titled album released in 1986. Finishing
up the set with Austrian jazz vocalist & pianist


and her cover of Sting's  1988 hit // Fragile // from his // Nothing Like the
Sun // album, released in 1987. Her style is nu-jazz meets soul this side of
easy listening. No jingle bells. No red. No white. Just ever so slightly blue.

• nJoy •

:: NORAH JONES :: Carry On ::

:: NOUELA :: The Sound of Silence ::

:: ANNIE LENNOX :: No More 'I Love You's' ::

:: SIMONE KOPMAJER :: Fragile ::

[Image: Lara Stone by Willy Vanderperre for Dec 2010 issue of Vogue China]


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