Fancy spending Sunday shoegazing? Don't answer. Keep the blinds low,
relax somewhere comfortable, and appreciate the latest release from
American hypno-experimental [I just made that up ] band


comprising of 2 brothers whose unique approach to recording music
starts out with them laying down their creations onto a 4 track cassette
before audio tinkering with it. Their recently released album // Junk Drawer //
is like a musical journey through the seasons, as we sample 3 tracks, starting
with // treasure lost //. It's very ennui the way that nostalgic childhood picnics
are, with a pleasant attitude of sharing your first cigarette, as it lulls us to a safe
corner & the track // lethargic catharsis //. Okay. If I'm being totally honest, it's
a little loud in the pounding stakes as someone at the back of the garage is
a tad out-of-tune enthusiastic, but it adds an honest charm. What can I say
about // falling upright //? Not to put too fine a point on it, this is when the
girl with the cute smile turns out to have a serious personality disorder. Some
will applaud this experimental ambience, the way they get a thrill at the sight
of someone else's blood. Not quite curdling, but it's getting there. All in all, I
liked the step outside the box. Seekers of something a little different will find
this a refreshing listen.

• nJoy •

:: TREASURE BOX :: treasure lost ::

:: TREASURE BOX :: lethargic catharsis ::

:: TREASURE BOX :: falling upright ::

[Artwork: Illustration by American artist Dan Craig]


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