Mixing something a little new with something a little older in honor of
Throwback Thursday  featuring the talent of South African acapella artist
and musician Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, a.k.a


refining the art of mesmeric chanting. Regardless of color or creed, Africa is
considered a spiritual home to many, and Samkelo's music reflects an elegant
choral style, particularly noticeable in the second track // Ubukhazikhazi
Balentombi //. Don't look around for Christmas. It's sitting inside you as you
learn that the myriad of names all lead to a singular sensation viewed through
one of a thousand emotional shards, namely 'love'. Whatever it means to you,
the door opens to the experience with // Thanda Wena //. How was it for you?
Both tracks were released this year, as we round out the feature with the song
// Jack Of All Trades //, released in 2013. He describes his brand of eclectic
AfroPop as 'Shebeen' music, combining influences of Mbaqanga and classic
Kwaito to create his signature sound. Who needs a cathedral when the world
sits inside you? Free track download available here:


• nJoy •

:: SAMTHING SOWETO :: Thanda Wena ::

:: SAMTHING SOWETO :: Ubukhazikhazi Balentombi ::

:: SAMTHING SOWETO :: Jack Of All Trades ::

[Digital graffiti: samthing soweto by IANA]


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