Taking a look at a few tracks from the debut album of American singing
songwriter, musician, record producer, & rapper


entitled // Stoney // released today, setting the scene with the pop rap
sound of // Go Flex //. The appeal transfers over several genres stopping
short of easy listening, but it's his first album. That said, I'm having a bit
of trouble connecting the lyrical posturing of the MV with its nu-folk vibe.
This isn't the case with // Too Young // as it reconnects with hip hop via
a soft trap riff cutting in here and there. I like a squeeze of lemon to zip
through the grease. The album contains a few collaborative tracks, like
// Deja Vu // featuring // Justin Bieber // no less. It's Xmas pleasant. I
like that ! Couldn't resist adding another collab from this year that didn't
make it onto Stoney. Check out the extra feature if you are curious. Get
well soon Kanye. You can find out more about the artist, & order the
album here:


• nJoy •

:: POST MALONE :: Go Flex [Official MV] ::

:: POST MALONE :: Too Young ::

:: POST MALONE :: Deja Vu [feat. Justin Bieber] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: POST MALONE :: Save It For Later [feat. Kanye West] ::

[Digital graffiti: post malone by IANA]


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