Checking out the latest offering from Australian electro pop singing songwriter


from her EP // Signals // released a couple of weeks ago, on December 2, beginning
with the title track of the same name. Add clouds, add a desert, add a blonde day,
and somehow we are talking love. Add in a few flames for passion and a guy who
is looking everywhere but in your eyes, and she's possibly flying solo, as she
continues a personal persuasion through the track // No Bad Vibes //. I'm not buying
it as the impetus for the album's lyrics are the pseudo positivity of the lost and
lonely before the crash, but I'm down with riding the crest of the wave to the EP's
last track // Better // that represents a collaboration with Antonio Cuna, better
known as // Sweater Beats // bringing a sense of contemporary RnB to the pop
beat, in conjunction with singing songwriter and music producer // Imad Royal //.
Her star is rising. The album is available to purchase here:


• nJoy •

:: NICOLE MILLAR :: Signals ::

:: NICOLE MILLAR :: No Bad Vibes ::

:: NICOLE MILLAR :: Better [feat. SWEATER BEATS & Imad Royal] ::

[Digiart: nicole millar by IANA]


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