Starting out the week with a few Korean indie tracks leading us gently
down the path towards the Wednesday bridge as we begin with

:: JANE 재인 ::

and an acoustic jazz single entitled // New Hippie Generation // released
December 2, off the album // Jane Plays Peppertones //. I'm up there in the
clouds with you, man, but the hippie reference is lost on me, unless we're
meditatively soaring above our troubles. Watch out for low flying planes as
the dying strains lead us towards

:: BOO 부진철 ::

and a track called // The Winter At Pyung Dae Ri // off the album of the
same name, released November 23. The soft vocals combined with a
reflective and well composed MV make me think of Norwegian summers
still tinged with frost as winter leaves a sign that it will be back, leaving its
poetry on the doorstep, along with ice topped milk. Love winds its way into
our consciousness with indie band


and their dream pop sounding song // Be With Me // released December 1.
It's a good way to end off the threesome. Nothing is as it seems, but there's
always the hope that it could be.

• nJoy •

:: JANE 재인 :: New Hippie Generation [Acoustic] ::

:: BOO 부진철 :: The Winter At Pyung Dae Ri ::

:: ABNORMAL TEMPARATURE 이상기온 :: Be With Me ::

[Gif by DLGNCE]


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