3 x B A L E .

Climbing down the ladder to the quieter bottom bunk for a hollowed
out Sunday under the covers listening to the few months old // DORSIA //
EP from Miami based music producer Roiju,  who also goes by the name

:: B A L E . ::

The initial track out the box // Brie // opens up the sublimity of a meditative
space, similarly to water falling through verdant green waving grass, across
pebbles the color of lightly roasted coffee. I have to get off this food kick,
aided by number 2 // Le Bernardin //. Let's ignore the fact that that is the
name of Zagat's top pick of elite French restaurants for 2012, but perhaps
this was named after a take-out menu. Don't snag the Ferrari in the garage,
as we head for home to the haunting sounds of the album's title track
// Dorsia //. Do I hear the strains of Black Box in there? Either way, a
pleasant musical croquembouche of delicious EDM meets ambient electro
experimental. Leave me a tip on the way out.

• nJoy •

:: B A L E . :: DORSIA EP ::

[Gif: 160306 from the visual chinatown of davidope]


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