Taking a short look back to 2013 in honor of Throwback Thursday
via a couple of releases from French dark ambient music producer


If you haven't checked out his work, it's kind of fine art goth, with
compositions shrouded in metaphorical audio suggestions full of
atmosphere. You are as safe as your present mental state will allow,
evidenced in the first offering named // Ah Estereh Komh Derah //
which was released May, 2013. The narrative affords a familiarity
as your body reacts to the changing temperature, further enhanced
in the track // Alterah Ethi Endessiah // off the album // Endessiah //
that came out in 2009. I find it slightly amusing that this is categorized
as 'electro/dance '. It is, but that's far from the usual. Every now and
then, it helps to be moved out of one's comfort zone. If you enjoyed
the trip, you can check out his discography here:


• nJoy •

:: TREHA SEKTORI :: Ah Estereh Komh Derah ::

:: TREHA SEKTORI :: Alterah Ethi Endessiah ::

[Gif source: muver54]


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