A couple of tracks, conveniently in black and white to add some history to
the drama. Okay, one of them is just a photograph, as seen in the first offering
// Ils ont voté // (They have voted ), sung by French poet and music composer


Do we need to know the lyrics? Well, why not? Here:

To carry my life on my back
I have already put fifty banks
Without being a saint or a bastard
I'm not worth the slightest candle
Marie, maman is your son
Crucifixion on posters
A scotch finger and a gin fizz
And all the rest I do not care

They Voted.and then after?

I have hemiplegic memory
And the memories saved
When I remember the stick
It comes to me only half
And you would like me to search
Half a kick ass?
In these times one does not see lerche
They have not even the French ass!

They Voted.and then after?

It is a country that debts me
No way to be English
Or Switzerland or con or insect
Everywhere they are confederated
Must see them on the tele-urn
With General Frappart
And their bulletin in the balls
And contempt in a closet

They Voted.and then after?

In an anarchist France
I would put these manures upright
Smoking List Poll
Up to the butt of my disgust
And then sitting on a chair
A computer in the throat
They would sing the Marseillaise
With punched cards

The day of glory has come.

Don't ask me what a hemiplegic memory is. The French accent forgives
the brutality of the song. I thought it was about love in a bar as I heard the
words 'Gin Fizz ' in the first line. That said, the theme's current. I went in
search of a suitable accompaniment, ending up in the arms of American
indie rock band


& their cover of English rock band, New Order's // Ceremony // off the
album // New Order 511 // released in 2002. The MV is a worthy pairing of
clips from the 1960 film // Breathless // starring Jean Seberg & Jean-Paul
Belmondo. What can I say? It doesn't end well. That's reality for you, says
the cynic in me. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between
the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” I hear you, Maya Angelou.

• nJoy •

:: LÉO FERRÉ :: Ils ont voté ::

:: CHROMATICS :: Ceremony [MV from 1960 film "Breathless"] ::

[Art: reworked detail from the original 1960's film poster for "Breathless"]


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