Covering all genres, it was inevitable that I'd end up here, checking out some
doom metal from American heavy rock band


as they dust off their recording studio cobwebs to bring us some new material
after a 22 year absence. Will my heart grow fonder? Well, I didn't know of them
22 years ago, so it's a first for me, as I press 'play ' on the initial of 2 tracks,
beginning with // Sodden Jackyl // reworked from their debut EP Sodden Jackyl
that came out in 1983. I feel like I should be playing a RPG, ping pong driving
through neon cities at night while the points rack up, validating my solo existence
whilst sitting amidst an assortment of old pizza boxes and empty ramen noodle
bowls. Where was I? Oh, yes. Well I don't hate it, so was quite...was excited
...was not averse to checking out an official demo that came out earlier this
year, namely // Be The Night //. Headbangers of the World unite. I have to
say, it is strangely addictive. Nu-folk eat your heart out. All in all, tasty. Not
sure if it will be featured on the upcoming album, rumored to be arriving Spring
2017, but you can expect their reworked single to form part of the line-up.
Don't test the water, guys. Jump right in.

• nJoy •

:: THE OBSESSED :: Sodden Jackyl [Reworked] ::

:: THE OBSESSED :: Be The Night [Official Demo] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: THE OBSESSED :: Live performance of Streetside [1994] ::

[Cover art featured on The Obsessed 1999 'Incarnate' compilation album]


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