Is 'adult fairytale ' a genre? If so, this might be it as I introduce you to
electronic folk singer


on the release of the track // Dog Years // ahead of her upcoming debut
EP // Now That The Light Is Fading // with a due date of February 17th,
next year. It comes on the heels of her viral hit // Alaska // released earlier
in the year that led to her gaining a recording contract. Was this all a set
up? I believe nothing, but instead enjoy, or otherwise, the fruits of an albeit
poisoned tree. It's quite morish if you are into lyrics that urge you on an
upwards trajectory you just know is still vulnerable to the 50/50 rule, but I
applaud the sentiment. For me, Alaska is a more sophisticated offering.
Fresh, new, promise, uncompromised. Don't forget your roots. It's the way
home. Fans of her latest release can download it here:


• nJoy •

:: MAGGIE ROGERS :: Dog Years ::

:: MAGGIE ROGERS :: Alaska ::

[Digital graffiti: maggie rogers by IANA]


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