A couple of tracks from Canadian goth pop singing songwriter


released ahead of her upcoming album // Young Mopes // due out
February 3, 2017, beginning with the track // Pharaoh // which has
been around for a few months now. Her style is the sadder, more
introspective end of the dream pop segment, hence the title 'goth',
but it still reverberates with a glowing introspection containing
more hope than despair. My preference between the 2 singles is the
album's debut track // Who's the Madman //. I like people who wear
their personal thought diaries on their sleeves, though. Gentle enough
for the moments you want to press play on something that doesn't
make you work too hard to follow along with the lyrics, it's back-
ground music in a jeans store that, prior to entering, you thought
was ahead of the trend curve.

• nJoy •

:: LOUISE BURNS :: Pharaoh ::

:: LOUISE BURNS :: Who's the Madman ::

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:: LOUISE BURNS :: Storms [Official MV] ::

[Digiart: louise burns by IANA]


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