Kicking Tuesday off with a couple of new releases featuring American rap
artist Radric Delantic Davis, better known as


as we await the release of his next album // The Return of East Atlanta Santa //
 due out December 16, making it his 3rd this year alone. He has produced a prolific
amount of work since leaving behind his stoney lonesome, following on the tails
of the album // Woktober // released on October 14, as we check out a page of his
rap diary in the single // Last Time // that also features Texas Trap recording artist
and music producer // Travis Scott // that came out September 2nd, available to
purchase or download free here:


With a change of tone that leans closer in to hip hop // Drove U Crazy // contains
the expected social statements on relationships we can all relate to, in a collaboration
with Kentucky born singing rapper // Bryson Tiller //. Yeah. We hear you. We all
drive each other crazy. It all depends on how much fake you want to put out there.
This guy gives it all away free. If you want the track, you can get it here:


as he continues to give back to the fans that supported him. Here's a link to his store.


Don't forget to tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Given Gucci's past record,
his upcoming album might just be free, too.

• nJoy •

:: GUCCI MANE :: Last Time [feat. Travis Scott] ::

:: GUCCI MANE :: Drove U Crazy [feat. Bryson Tiller] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: GUCCI MANE :: Woktober [Full Album] ::

[Digital graffiti: gucci mane by IANA]


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