Get your kitch off indie pop rock style as we check out the new MV for
Polish singing songwriter


a man with the X factor, quite literally, having won the title in Poland in
2012, and a cute music vibe that lends itself to a hint of eighties throwback,
as all things European tend to do. May I interject a little here and inquire why
the little mark on your 'L's? I had to go in search of that and it took me all
of...oh...5 seconds. Just sayin'. Where was I? Oh, yeah, Dawid. Well, back in
2015, he released his 2nd studio album // Annoyance and Disappointment //.
Since then, a trickling of singles have made their way onto the world stage,
including // Pastempomat // and the latest track // Tapety // whose video
premiered yesterday, on December 19. I include both so that you can get a
feel for this artist, who has since re-released his album under the name
// Annoyance and Disappointment 2.0 // to include some new tracks plus
a few that were previously available only on the deluxe edition. Fans can
watch out for the imminent release of // Where Did Your Love Go? //
expected out this month. Probably looking for little 'L's' with strokes
through them. Pasta anyone?

• nJoy •

:: DAWID PODSIADŁO :: Tapety ::

:: DAWID PODSIADŁO :: Pastempomat ::

[Digital graffiti: dawid podsiadło by IANA]


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