Checking out something a little different from South African
indie rock group


after the release of their full length debut album // Bateleur //
 on November 27. The band have a very natural vibe that is
probably best described as some kind of spiritual experimental
math rock. You could bring your hippie mates out to the woods and
press play on this beauty and they would really dig it, man, as you
energetically connect to Uluru and the cosmic ripples of your inner
shaman voodooism just waiting to find a release, sitting next to
your DNA spiral alongside the chicken pox virus you caught off
your brother's friend at a summer tent sleepover when you were
7. But, that's not the cool thing (I know, right? ). They loaded this
album into a special box connected to a rock, climbed up a
mountain, cemented it in, and allowed you free access to it for
the price of a whistle. Of course, it was vandalized in a matter
of days as people followed the clues as to how to get there. If
you'd like to survey the rubble, here are the directions:

Still, a great initiative, so what do I have for you? One track off
the missing album // Mendota Sky //, a link to unlimited streaming
for those of you who have the free Bandcamp app, and // I'm Further
Away Than I Usually Am // released way back in July 2012.


Check out the extra feature if you'd like to know more about
'The Nest ', and listen to one chilled out mid-week bridge to an
awesome weekend.

• nJoy •

:: BATELEUR :: Mendota Sky [Official MV] ::

:: BATELEUR :: I'm Further Away Than I Usually Am [Official MV] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: BATELEUR :: The Nest ::

[Artwork: vintage tarot card: the magician]


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