Seeking some escape from the manic shopping crowds? I'm speaking to those
who still do their shopping on foot. I prefer à la main. But still, we all need
some escapism so I offer you a little over an hour of the second volume of an
exclusive, recently released mixtape from a couple of Swiss musicians and
singers, Sevi Landolt & Daniel Bachmann, who collectively go by the name


& their // True Erotic House Mix II //. I know, right!!! Okay, simmer down.
I think this is disco, but interesting to try and work out this pot-pourri of time
over genre. Guys, why? They claim it's so you can achieve "new and nifty dance
moves. " I ask you, does anyone still use the word 'nifty'? The best I can come up
with is that it will be mildly entertaining for those who do their surfing sitting down,
and contains an appeal for background wrap music. Note the 'w'. Just sayin'. It's
only another 14 days and we're done. Smile. Go on. Just a little one for me. Sehr gut.
If your interest has been piqued, you can discover more about the band, along with
tour dates, here:


• nJoy •

:: KLAUS JOHANN GROBE :: True Erotic House Mix II ::

[Digital graffiti: klaus johann grobe by IANA]


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