1 x A E T H E R

Slowing things down with a dip into the calm stream of electro ambient as we
sample the recently released EP // Viraha // from Scottish music producer

:: A E T H E R ::

that came out on November 28. Each track works like a separate interlude
of a connected story that is easy to put your own thoughts into, as we start
out with the first track // Catharsis // as an introduction to this musical
voyage. It's a time to switch off phones, remove items from the
microwave, place a 'do not disturb' sign on your forehead, and hang out
in the hammock of your mind. The next offering // Vale // has me thinking
about the mythical land of Tolkein's hobbits and goblins. The mist's rising,
or falling, depending upon your current setting. It's a bridge I don't need,
but I'll take it anyway, before we are in the forest at the point before we
discover that, without a map, we are exactly where we need to be. Lost in
order to find our alone. The last person we accept comfortably is ourselves.
The final tracks complete the trip. Serenely exquisite, the beauty renders
quantifying them redundant. If you would like to have this available to you
at a moment's notice, you can pick up a copy here:


• nJoy •

:: A E T H E R :: Catharsis ::

:: A E T H E R :: Vale ::

:: A E T H E R :: Fade Away ::

:: A E T H E R :: Viraha ::

:: A E T H E R :: Flowerdance ::

:: A E T H E R :: At What Point Do I Stop Trying ::

[Art: Album cover for A E T H E R's 2016 EP "Viraha"]


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