SOHO PALACE x AFTER ▪ AФTЭP [full album]

Setting the scene for a late Halloween after party and a chance to chill things
down somewhat after a Saturday night that lasted long into the wee hours of
Sunday morning with the recently released compilation album by record label
// SOHO palace // featuring a range of Polish witch/techno house producers
united under the project banner of // AFTER //. Here's the mission statement:

"The AFTER project has been inspired by the music, lifestyle, expression that
we embody in the meaningless reality, and by the city itself, starting at the level
of weekend parties in a group of friends, through going out clubbing and then
returning for an after party. We want to present to you the entire course of an
action that we form unknowingly, participating in something that is shaping a
new wave of style and life in an agglomeration. All of that contributes to the
musical journey through our emotions, the corruption that we experience, and
how we try to find ourselves between damaged tenement houses. We botchily
try to build relationships, despite the dark silhouettes of our personalities that
take control of it all."

With heavyweights such as MYSTXRIVL & T3MPT3R, you're in safe hands
as the tempo speeds up, lowers down, culminating in one excellent musical
backdrop to surf, chill, zone out.

• nJoy •

:: SOHO PALACE :: AFTER ▪ AФTЭP [2016] ::


1     Olivier Adamczyk    Витяз

2     ORGASM    icz

3     Wudec    Forgotten Parchment

4     Olivier Adamczyk x SCO    Lust

5     CR3ACH3RS    Satan Rave

6   ▪  Fraunhofer Diffraction    Edge Of The Universe

7     MYSTXRIVL x Utkowski    Rave Of Death

8     T3MPT3R    Shadow

9     MYSTXRIVL x CHVRN    Chance To Say

10    enjoii    SADCRAFT

11    Wudec    Convoy Of Sins

12    enjoii x MYSTXRIVL    Empty Skies

13    Ṅin▲&N▲rkoman!y▲    THE VOID


[Animated green grid futuristic abstract art by: 30000fps]


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