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Celebrating the upcoming release of his first album under the

:: PAPA M ::

moniker, the guitarist for American rock band 'Slint ' // David Pajo // releases
a couple of instrumental tracks. Titled // Highway Songs // it cruises down the
unbroken roads at a steady pace in the opening sample // Walking On Coronado //
with a dream pop feel that seamlessly merges with the rock style he is more
known for. The introspective flavor might be there due to the journey back to
living as the mix of blues, broke folk, and sympathetic metal constructs were
penned after a failed suicide attempt that led to an extensive recovery period in
intensive care. It's a positive message, as the opening refrain stirs the memory
in the rock and more track // Bloom //. As an extra, a clip from a live show filmed
 in Leeds, UK, in 2012 featuring the first 2 tracks off his 1999 album // Papa M
Live from A Shark Cage //. The new album is due out November 11, available to
pre-order here:


If you are in the mood for a free album, check out the link to // Skateboarding in
Pine Ridge // which is the soundtrack for a documentary commissioned by Levi’s®
Skateboarding  in 2014. This is what he had to say about it:

"At the time I thought it was just a skate documentary. I had no idea it was
simmering to become such a beautiful film, with a hopeful, life-affirming theme.
I still get misty when I watch it."

"A few months earlier, I was recovering from a heavy incident and was deeply

moved by the deluge of love and support from family, friends, fans, and strangers.
Without them I can honestly say that I wouldn't be in the mighty fine place
that I am today."

"This humble recording is my gift to you."

"You didn't have to reach out, didn't have to prop me up, but ya did anyway.

Selflessly, from a compassionate and human place in your heart."

"You made this recording as much as I did."

"I know it ain't much but it’s here if you want it."

"Watch the
film. With any luck the music will uplift you in some small

way, the way you did me."



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:: PAPA M :: Walking On Coronado ::

:: PAPA M :: Bloom [Official MV] ::

:: PAPA M :: Intro - Arundel & Roadrunner [Live in Leeds 05/29/12] ::

[Image: David Pajo by Jacek Poremba]


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