Something a little bit interesting that showcases the directorial
debut of English alternative folk singing musician and songwriter


via the recent release of the creative MV for the track // Soothing //
taken from her upcoming album // Semper Femina // set for release
next year on March 10. No excuses for such a long heads up since this
is one you might just want to notch the bedpost for as the haunting
lyrics match a silky voice weaving a spell that breaks through the
monotony, yet is grounded in it. There's something surreal about
the scene depicted, but I always think that when I see the twinned
poetry of dichotomy so stylishly played. I'll leave the dream
metaphorical allusions to those versed in habitual visits with the
Mary Janes as I skip back a year to a couple of tracks off her album
// Short Movie // released March, 2015, starting out with a live
performance of // False Hope //  followed by the indie pop
sounding // Gurdjieff's Daughter // allowing us to appreciate the
flourishing talent evident in a range of musical skills. Don't
worry. No blue nylon sleeping bags or tartan vacuum flasks
required. The aforementioned album is available to pre-order


• nJoy •

:: LAURA MARLING :: Soothing ::

:: LAURA MARLING :: False Hope [Short Movie Live Session] ::

:: LAURA MARLING :: Gurdjieff's Daughter ::

[Digiart: laura marling II by IANA]


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