Checking out some new releases on the Chinese hip hop scene, starting
with female rapper

:: VAVA ::

Take girl grabbing a pre-work coffee, working in necessary clothing store,
then meeting up in the dark to shout loudly in the middle of the night with
friends. It's a plot in this populist track // Rap Star //. Do we need one when
the camera can pan in, pan out, add car and lots of pink and I'm ready to direct
one of these MV's. Up next, Fujian rappers


collaborating with 22 year old hip hop artist // Vinida // in a track entitled
// Cypher //. The back beat is infectious, as is the tag style as they take turns to
perform on a railway track in a less salubrious part of town. Unless armed with
a can of spray paint, a balaclava, and the shadow of darkness, I suggest not
trying this at home, but add repetitions of various swear words (and you thought
you couldn't speak Chinese ), layers of Westernized street fashion, and a rolling
side to side wobble, and you pretty much have the blue print to recreate these
videos. To complete the artistic license, we go underground in the carousel
opening of freaky fairground music running through the atmosphere in
// Way Up // from Taiwan rappers

:: YOUNG B & YZ ::

in a track produced by Tsubasa, a.k.a. Jam that will feature in compilation
album // TYK // set for release in 2017. It forms a gentle transition to silence
as they act like metaphorical thoughts canoning through the synaptic nerve
endings in the tunnels of the mind. It's all about the now. They're from Taiwan.
Do you think they wear stuff that says: Made in the USA?

• nJoy •

:: VAVA :: Rap Star ::

:: FREEDOM PLANT :: Cypher [feat. Vinida] ::

:: YOUNG B & YZ :: Way Up ::

[digital graffiti: vinida by IANA]


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