Pure class welcomes the new sound from American musical artist, writer,
performer and musician Donald McKinley Glover, who, when amongst his
many talents he decides to play music producer, goes by the name


ahead of the release of his new album // Awaken, My Love // due out December
2nd, as we sample its title track that lets the grind of the day melt into a sweet
moment. The groove is summer infectious meets the bright lights of city nights
sometime around champagne hour, washed over and down by the soul tempo
of the lead in track // Me and Your Mama //. It's music for a candlelit evening.
Anyone thinking of proposing? Put this in my stocking and I'll smile all the way
through the breaking of your New Year resolution. I'm in love when we are smokin'
that la-la-la-la-la. I hear you, babe, as the last strains of // Have Some Love // bling
their way into the cab drive home. And you thought you didn't like instrumentals.
Album available for pre-order here:


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:: CHILDISH GAMBINO :: Awaken, My Love ::

:: CHILDISH GAMBINO :: Me and Your Mama ::

:: CHILDISH GAMBINO :: Have Some Love ::

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:: CHILDISH GAMBINO :: Redbone ::

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