When I first heard this, I thought "What! " Upon further listening, that didn't
change, but I think I should share this because I absolutely think that there
will be people out there that love the music of American jam band


as we check out a track...or two...(seriously, I don't know how much I can
stand ) from their upcoming album // ZONKEY // due out November 11.
With influences like Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, the Police, and...oh, I
can't say it...Pink Floyd, that encompasses rock, electronic, folk, and blues,
if you like that middle of the road, sad guy in a bar jukebox choices, these
guys are for you, as they take populist tracks that have already been a hit,
play and sing, then mix them up some. This is possibly the worst thing I have
shared, so don't say I didn't warn you, as we start off with the first mashup
track // National Loser Anthem //. Seriously?  It is a combination of
Radiohead's "National Anthem" , Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" , &
Beck's "Loser" . Why? Just why? I see no reason to spare you the audio
research I carried out, so in the interests of sharing, you can suffer // Sweet
Sunglasses //. Annie, I'm so sorry!  Work it out for yourself, but the
Eurythmics are turning in their graves. If the image is anything to go by,
they are setting this album up for a suggested Christmas present. Don't.
Just don't. I can't write my usual ending.

• !!! •

:: UMPHREY'S MACGEE :: National Loser Anthem ::

:: UMPHREY'S MCGEE :: Sweet Sunglasses ::

[ Xtra : I hate myself  ]

:: UMPHREY'S MCGEE :: Sad Clint Eastwood ::

[Artwork: Detail from Umphrey's McGee Athens GA gig poster by Zoltron ]


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