Wanna know what 'noise pop' is? Today's post is for you, as it features
American 2 member band


For those clicking hoping to hear the sound of Christmas music
blasting it's merry way into their pre-Thanksgiving nuptials, I have only
one thing to say: heh , for this is no sweet journey through the tinsel and
snow, as the pounding beat of the track // It's Just Us Now // testifies to
their 2 feisty steps away from rock. Girl. It's 2016. Ain't nobody buyin'
mascara without the words 'waterproof' on the label . The duo is made up
of singer // Alexis Krauss // alongside guitarist // Derek Edward Miller //.
Wondering if it might make it into someone's stocking, 'it' being their new
album entitled // Jessica Rabbit // due out November 11. I think you're in
for a winner as we sample the faintly calmer // I Can Only Stare //.
Actually liking their videos. Slightly madness oriented, but I'll settle for
a personality disorder of some description, like being in love. And there
it is. Just as you thought I had gone a tad too far, she gets out the gasoline.
Got a light anyone? Oh. Never mind. It looks like she came prepared. All
in all, a journey into soft rock that stays the right side of the asylum. Is
this a recommendation, or what? The album is available to pre-order here:


• nJoy •

:: SLEIGH BELLS :: It's Just Us Now [Official MV] ::

:: SLEIGH BELLS :: I Can Only Stare [Official MV] ::

[ Xtra ]

:: SLEIGH BELLS :: Hyper Dark [Official Audio] ::

[Sleigh Bells 2016 Jessica Rabbit Album Cover by artist Brian Montuori]


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