Reminding you that there's a weekend coming up, French electro dance duo


release a couple of tracks off their upcoming album // Woman // with a due
date of November 18. Is disco alive and well? Yup, but the electro back beat
takes it somewhere else. You will not have to hide whilst listening to this.
The successful band is made up of // Gaspard Augé // alongside // Xavier de
Rosnay //. Are they from this century? Sampling // Randy // (did I just write
that? ) you can see how addictive this can become. Next, the single
// Alakazam! //. I can't escape a sense of a multi-colored squares dance
floor opening up and swallowing me, burying me beneath a pile of red
platform boots and white trouser suits.  Pick the version you'd like to hear
as I include the official audio and live performance. Should you want to
dance round a handbag in the privacy of your own room, you can
pre-order the album here:


• nJoy •

:: JUSTICE :: Randy [Official Audio] ::

:: JUSTICE :: Alakazam! [Official Audio] ::

:: JUSTICE :: Alakazam! [Live performance] ::

[digital graffiti: gaspard augé by IANA]


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