Taking at look at what's new on the dubstep scene starting out with
the electro energized track // Playa // from the co-founder of UK
EDM & bass music company, Disciple Recordings, namely

:: MYRO ::

which represents a project that combines classic sounds with the
latest production techniques, before appreciating the release of a track
that may sound familiar to those who enjoy listening to DJ sets // Fuk
Watchu Think // brought to us by Californian producer


in a collaboration with electro house music producer // Jameston
Thieves //. Lastly but not leastly, the recently released hyper ventilating
track // Mad Man // brought to us by Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen.
Familiar? Perhaps you know this Dutch Filipino DJ by his stage name


in a joint production with one of the most popular music producers in
the World, ranked 61 by DJ Mag last year, the Portuguese DJ

:: KURA ::

Despite having been released only a few days ago, the video has been
watched over 600,000 times, helping to blow some midweek cobwebs
away on the countdown to the weekend. If you have to add it to your
very own playlist, you can download it here:!YT

 • nJoy •

:: MYRO :: Playa [Official MV] ::

:: GHASTLY :: Fuk Watchu Think [feat. JAMESTON THIEVES] ::

:: LAIDBACK LUKE & KURA :: Mad Man [Official MV] ::

[Gif source: passionchangeverything]


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