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:: DRIP-133 & HNRK ::

via their // Keeping colour/Remaining shape // EP that escaped into the ether
October 23rd. If ambient could rap, it might sound like this, as the beat carries
through soft grime into some kind of space caked neurotic drum beat orchestrated
to follow where I've gone only a few times before. There is a sense of pan pipes,
cocktail hour, church chimes, & that strange bamboo waterfall in Chinese takeout
places that sits next to a stack of 6 month old already fading local newspapers.
Despite the nostalgia, I liked. Listen. Wait 2 hours. You'll be hungry for more.
The album is available for a name your own price fee here:


• nJoy •

:: HNRK & DRIP-133 :: Keeping Colour/Remaining Shape EP [2016] ::


hnrk & drip-133    rooted within

hnrk & drip-133  ▪  sunmilker

hnrk & drip-133    tame-shard

hnrk & drip-133    keeping colour remaining shape

hnrk & drip-133    sat beside a palm rune

[Photo: via drip-133]


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