A collection of tracks featured in the series

:: MR ROBOT ::

beginning with // The Moth & The Flame // by the jam packed Hollywood collective
// Les Deux Love Orchestra // featuring Bobby Woods on vocals and orchestration,
Bob DiChiro, accordion and Estey, Larry Klein on bass, Bob DiChiro, and a multitude
of various other singers and musicians that make up a talented team. As with any show
worth its salt, Mr Robot has garnered an assortment of fans, so I am happy to include
a video put together by // Ilona Guillaume // comprising of several scenes from the
show and a backing track of Halsey's explicit version of // Gasoline //, before moving
on to the electronic hip hop sound of // Nice To Meet Me // by rapping composer
// Zack Hemsey // that originally appeared on his 2013 album // Romin //. Heading
back to Season 1 and a track from American hip hop artist // ScHoolboy Q //
namely // Hell Of A Night // that featured in the fourth episode, before waking up
in the daydream with the original version of rapper // Lupe Fiasco's // collaboration
with American singing songwriter // Jill Scott // and a song that appeared in the
first episode of season 2. The post punk influence works well with the pre-dystopian
atmosphere of the show, so no surprises that John Lydon featured somewhere, as he
collaborates with Afrika Bambaataa's // Time Zone // band in a track from season
1's episode 10, namely // World Destruction //. The original retains the opening
that features the voice of the 40th POTUS, Ronald Reagan. Time for a break in
the tempo with one of the many instrumental pieces in the show and the gently
harmonizing // Love On A Real Train // by the German music collective
// Tangerine Dream // featured in episode 5 of the first season, like so many of the
show's musical selections, it features the lulling and, at times, anxiety heartbeat of
train engines moving over rails, signifying a sense of movement and aware
disconnection, leading nicely in to the final video. I'll let it speak for itself. Made
by a fan // vaLyTV //. I'm very different. Are you?

• nJoy •

:: The Moth & The Flame :: LES DEUX LOVE ORCHESTRA ::

:: Gasoline (Expl.) :: HALSEY :: Fan MV by ILONA GUILLAUME ::

:: Nice To Meet Me :: ZACK HEMSEY [Season 2] ::

:: Hell Of A Night :: SCHOOLBOY Q [Season 1/Episode 4] ::

:: Daydreamin' :: LUPE FIASCO [Feat. Jill Scott] ::

:: World Destruction :: AFRIKA BAMBAATAA [feat. JOHN LYDON] ::

:: Love On A Real Train :: TANGERINE DREAM ::

:: I'm Very Different :: MR ROBOT by vaLyTV ::

[Digital graffiti: rami malek by IANA]


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