Perhaps fitting to introduce you to an artist with a massive past on a day that pays
homage to all things throwback, the eclectically inimitable UK singing songwriter,
musician, & record producer


a month or so ahead of the release of her next album :: Before The Dawn :: on
November 26, full of songs from a live concert she performed in 2014 that bore the
same name. I so appreciate it when I can follow a thread. It may have been lights,
camera, action, back then, including a 3 day stint in a flotation tank to shoot film
scenes that formed part of the backdrop of the performance [check out the Xtra for
visual proof ], but little has been released since, beyond a few tasters, so I went
tangential and discovered the songs featured in the concert, giving us a preview
of what is to come. Apart from original MV's, the final featured track // Among
Angels // contains clips from an animated film entitled "Father and Daughter "
by Dutch film maker Michael Dudok de Wit. The album is available to pre-order


• nJoy •

:: KATE BUSH :: Before The Dawn [Opening Night - Fan video by Riaz Ali] ::

:: KATE BUSH :: And Dream Of Sheep ::

:: KATE BUSH :: Watching You Without Me ::

:: KATE BUSH :: The Painter's Link/Sunset ::

:: KATE BUSH :: Among Angels ::

[ Xtra ]

:: KATE BUSH :: ...and dream of sheep [Filmed at "Before The Dawn" concert - Fan video by themichael1972] ::

[Digital graffiti: kate bush by IANA]
[Image: a young Kate Bush photographed by her brother: John Carder Bush]


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