Something slightly old, something almost new, as I pay some kind of homage to
#throwbackthursday  by featuring American surf rock band


comprising of vocalist // Brooks Nielsen // guitar playing keyboarder // Kyle
Straka // & lead guitarist // Matt Taylor //. Their style mixes rockabilly meets
the lady on the skates with the pink spun sugar hair piled strangely unmovingly
on top of her head, clashing with the bright red slash of lipstick on a yellowed
teeth smile, humming 50's pop whilst someone at the back of the queue is
strumming country guitar, so why not start with the easily digestible // Love
Test // with a vocal direction that was probably something like "think Karaoke ".
The song featured on their alternative indie album // Chinese Fountain //
released in 2014. Following on, a Valentine's Day live set filmed at The
Observatory earlier this year, featuring their cover of 60's girl group, The
Shirelles, hit // Mama Said // before sampling a few tracks off their latest
album // City Club // that came out September 30. For more info. on the
group, along with upcoming tour dates, click on the link:


• nJoy •

:: THE GROWLERS :: Love Test [Official MV] ::

:: THE GROWLERS :: Mama Said [Live] ::

:: THE GROWLERS :: Night Ride ::

:: THE GROWLERS :: I'll Be Around ::

:: THE GROWLERS :: City Club ::

[Photo: Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers]


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