What's new on the Korean indie scene, I hear you ask. Quite a bit, but I'm narrowing
it down to a few tracks released within the last week, beginning with the dream pop
gentle sound of the title track off their album // Changed // from award winning band


who started out way back in 2001, comprised of // Baek Ji-ho, Yoo Hyo-joon, Lee
Young-taek, & Changs // before moving on to electronic band


and // Sun Looks You // off their // New Walking // album that came out last year.
It's a song for summer reminiscing as the storms roll in. Are they talking about love?
I think so, just don't leave your friends behind, before moving on to the indie folk
sound from


Kudos for singing in Engrish, guys. Really. I'll add a few more of their videos at the
end, such is their appeal of some kind of rocking Beatlesque that is enhanced through
the lens of another culture, but isn't music just the one? This track, namely // In The
Sun // can be found on their album // The Anti Star // set for release October 13, with
the direction:

This Is World Most Perfect Sweet Punk Music.
I Am An Anti-Star. Nevertheless I Am The Superstar.
Do You Want Some Cup of Coffee? (or Kiss?)

I'm sold, guys. I'll take the coffee, black & bitter, as we turn up the volume on the
indie rock dial in the track // JACK POT // from


off the album // 414 // released October 4. Great energy. Great vibe. And one to
watch out for.

• nJoy •

:: SUGAR DONUT (슈가도넛) :: Changed (문을 열면) ::

:: ECHO AND THE MACHINE (에코 앤 더 머신) :: Sun Looks You (해 보이는 당신) ::

:: THE BLACK UNDERGROUND (블랙 언더그라운드) :: In The Sun (태양에서) ::

:: KIM SEULONG (김슬옹) :: Jack Pot (잭 남 비) ::

[ Xtra ]

:: THE BLACK UNDERGROUND (블랙 언더그라운드) :: I Want It All In This World [2015] ::

:: THE BLACK UNDERGROUND (블랙 언더그라운드) :: Oh! Lovelace! [2016] ::

 [Gif: Kim Seulong JACK POT clip]


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