3 x V Λ C Λ N T

Taking a look at a couple of experimental downtempo tracks from London music

:: V Λ C Λ N T ::

starting out with the deep & haunting trip // Hiraeth //. Released some 9 months
ago, it retains a present feel, skirting the edges of witch house with a fairy sword
and those strange shoes made of Taiwanese plastic that glow several shades of
neon when you walk. Tread the dragon's lair lightly to the next offering in the
electronic experimental // Southbound // with its city noises blended with vocals
merged with instrumental layers turning them into alternative notes that flicker
in and out of sight, like windows in a tenement block as curtains close and blinds
are raised. Do you wake up at night...at the sound of darkness that turns the echoes
down to the point that you can hear your own voice thinking in your head. Wanting
to leave it there, I can't. Keeping with the theme, I'm including a preview of
// Tenants //. Enjoy your Sunday. There's an outside.

• nJoy •

:: V Λ C Λ N T :: H i r a e t h ::

:: V Λ C Λ N T :: S o u t h b o u n d ::

:: V Λ C Λ N T :: T e n a n t s [sample preview] ::

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