The sound of ambient waving over the shores of your mind as we check out
some chilled atmospheric compositions from Japanese/UK music producer


as we get to appreciate his latest triple track EP // Shadows // released last
month. It's gentle, with the reflective tinkle of electro experimental wind
chimes running softly through the first track // In Between // that features
the haunting vocals of // Minette //. Perhaps every generation has their
very own Enya. This is a digital album to sink into Sunday by. Available
to purchase, at a price of your own choosing, here:


• nJoy •

:: SHOJUEN :: Shadows EP [ft. MINETTE] ::

 ░  ŦŖĀĊĶĿłŠŢ  ░

1  ▪  SHOJUEN  ▪  In Between ▪ ft. MINETTE

2  ▪  SHOJUEN  ▪  Distance

3  ▪  SHOJUEN  ▪  Shadows

[ShoJuen digital "Shadows" album cover art by Martin Pickering]


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