3 x SAD13

Can't help thinking that she saved herself from a 'T' short of a number plate as we
appreciate (if that is the right word ) the latest offerings from poetic instrumentalist
// Sadie Dupuis // with a new direction as she embraces her solo project under the
stage name

:: SAD13 ::

Truly, girl. Once the penny drops, its downhill all the way. I'm expecting some
nihilistic lyrical prophetism as I check out the first track // Less Than 2 //. So happy
that I can do the math. It's poppy and the lyrics are a little bit like I imagine K-pop
sounding, but without the smile combined with the latest colorful teen fashions
coming to the nearest high street store next to you. I want my coffee frothy, but
this girl blows the steam into the next room. I meekly follow to consider // Get A
Yes //. Imagine, if you will, entering the stage at a talent contest with this. How
far do you think you'd get? 'Nuff said. I have hopes for the final offering // Devil
In U //. It begins promisingly, then... I guess I'm not into her style of goth pop, and
I am not sure that that is where she's heading in her mind. All tracks are off her
upcoming solo album under this alias, boldly & interestingly entitled // Slugger //.
I want to find one and ask him to beat me softly for 10 seconds round the head. If
you want more, the album, due out November 11, is available to pre-order here:


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• nJoy •

:: SAD13 :: Less Than 2 [Official MV] ::

:: SAD13 :: Get A Yes [Audio] ::

:: SAD13 :: Devil In U [Audio] ::

[Digital graffiti: sad13 by IANA]


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