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:: P H A N T O G R A M ::

made up of vocalist and keyboard player // Sarah Barthel // & singing guitarist
// Josh Carter // ahead of the release of their 3rd studio album, appropriately named
// Three // due out October 7. Jumping right in, and why not, we start with their
familiar sounding track // You Don't Get Me High Anymore //. I will walk with you
to the end, stare into the abyss, and let go as far as listening to a few more but keep
the axe at home, before waking up the sleepers by banging on the wall (...it's the axe )
in // You're Mine //. Make up your mind. I see this is an album for the undecided and
those incapable of maintaining commitment. Breaking up the MV's, some short
personality tests a.k.a. mini insights into the band, useful if you would like to learn
how to speak Californian and to see what an Invisalign brace looks like. Ikr? Finally,
we reach where we're headed, face to face with the interestingly styled track // Cruel
World //. Introspective, it kind of has you convinced that it's about someone she's
saying goodbye to, but armchair philosophers might consider that it is a reflection of
transition from what works for us and what doesn't. Has she been tamed? This is an
album of mixed emotions, just like the rest of us. Finishing off with a couple of
minutes that round out the personal insight, for those who like Vlogs and who prefer
to be called 'intrigued ' rather than 'nosey '. Album, merchandise, and tour dates
available to pre-order here:


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:: P H A N T O G R A M :: You Don't Get Me High Any More ::

:: P H A N T O G R A M :: You're Mine [Official Audio] ::

:: In The Studio [Part 1] :: P H A N T O G R A M ::

:: P H A N T O G R A M :: Cruel World [Official Audio] ::

:: In The Studio [Part 2] :: P H A N T O G R A M ::

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