Introducing a new voice on the pop 'n' soul scene, Norwich, UK singer


with an easy laid back style that makes watching paint dry a lot more enjoyable.
The interesting lyrics have a universal appeal, but is every song about love, as we
begin backwards, checking out a release from earlier this year // Overdose // that
sets the scene and gets you used to his vocal range. I think he can easily appeal to
both genders, and I can't help thinking something along the lines of how I wished
Justin Timberlake was this cool, before hitting the inevitable droppin' down tempo
in the track // Troubled Love //. You are a prophet, or you've lived past 20. It's just
how it flows, right? Both songs were his debut singles, released ahead of last
month's // Wonderful // digitally streamed on September 20. Now, we're getting
somewhere. Drop the 'for granted' and I'm yours. Sam Smith, watch out. If you
need a reset after all this neo soul, check out the hip hop EDM tracks helpfully
added below.

• nJoy •

:: MULLALLY :: Overdose ::

:: MULLALLY :: Troubled Love ::

:: MULLALLY :: Wonderful ::

[ Reset Button ]

:: DA1 :: Head Gone [Produced by CashMoneyAp] ::

:: MAXI DENI :: Kerosene ::

[Artwork: mullally by IANA from the digital graffiti series]


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