Ahead of the release of their 9th studio album // Integrity Blues // American
pop rock band


have drip drip dropped several tracks, so let's take a bite out of a few of them,
starting with // You With Me //. I found the MV intriguing, with a vintage feel
that mixes a holiday in the city with fairground Hercules and Andromeda, but
it is very Monkees. I expected a red London bus to pull up, with Piccadilly
Circus as the defined destination, concertina doors opening as the world waits,
with open arms, to greet the band spilling onto the pavement. Oh. There are
monkeys! And fireworks. Moving on, I found the acoustic live version of the
pleasant single // Sure and Certain //. I kind of buy that, but sung with such
middle of the road certainty, you already know your intended target's on the
same page. Hang on a mo. Did you just say that if I carry on like this, you're
gonna be one more thing for me to miss? I spoke to soon! You love in a
passive aggressive way. I got your number. With hope, I turn to the indie
rock feel of // Get Right //. Now, now, I'm fine with your vibe, but you do
know you send out mixed signals, right? If it hits a home run with you, the
album is due out October 21. You can check out their limited edition pre-
order bundles here:


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:: JIMMY EAT WORLD :: You With Me [Lyric MV] ::

:: JIMMY EAT WORLD :: Sure and Certain [Accoustic] ::

:: JIMMY EAT WORLD :: Get Right [Lyric MV] ::

[Artwork: Jimmy Eat World "Integrity Blues" album cover]


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