A couple of recent releases from New Zealand indie electronic band


One moment while I imagine the search and browse manipulation from
featuring a group with this name...okay...moving on... Comprising of
singing musician // Alisa Xayalith // guitar playing vocalist // Thom
Powers // bass player // David Beadle // keyboardist // Aaron Short // &
drummer // Jesse Wood // these guys are staring into the wide open abyss
of their soon-to-be released 3rd album // Simple Forms // due out October
14. Frankly, I see them as some kind of 80's alt pop, but I'm having issues
with the way musical talent defines itself, so feel free to add a hashtag of
your own as we sample the dated sound of // Higher //. I checked. There's
no Disney movie to go with this. I'm having flashbacks to pageant queens.
It's a song for teen dances and girlie girls with high voices, and not so
girlie girls with high voices. Will the next track take it beyond the
Euro-pop appeal? Starting with impact // Laid Low // has some kind of
staggered strobe-like organ vibe going on and I'm thinking of well-meaning
13 year olds who have written a wide variety of songs in a ring binder
and meet weekly in the basement of one of their highly supportive parents
keen to see them win an honorable mention at the upcoming talent show. I
don't think this is my style, but if you enjoy what you hear, the album, plus
information on upcoming dates for their US tour starting September 21,
can be found here:


I really know how to sell something, don't I?

• nJoy •

:: THE NAKED AND FAMOUS :: Higher ::

:: THE NAKED AND FAMOUS :: Laid Low ::

[Opening artwork: detail from a 2011 gig poster featuring Cut Copy, The Naked & Famous, Foals, Holy Ghost]


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