Fancy some pagan rock? How about plugging your ears into the latest album
// Pagan Science // from American heavy rock band

:: THE WELL ::

comprising of guitaring vocalist // Ian Graham // bassist // Lisa Alley // &
drummer // Jason Sullivan //? No need to reply. I can't hear you. Released
October 14, it is a journey for those who like to plunge a shot glass into their
pint of lager, as they combine melodic layers amongst traditional productions
that making it easy to accept for those who prefer to do their head banging in
the privacy of their own minds. I don't like rock. I liked this...a lot. You
got the whole album, available to personally possess here:


• nJoy •

:: THE WELL :: Pagan Science [Full Album] ::


-1     Black Eyed Gods

-2     Forecast

-3     Sky bound

-4     A Pilgrimage

-5     Drug From the Banks

-6     Byzantine

-7     One Nation

-8     Choir of the Stars

-9     Brambles

-10   I Don’t Believe

-11   Guinevere

[Pic: "The Well" taken by photographer: Andy Ray Lemon]


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