Taking a look at the latest hip hop RnB dance release that represents a talented
collaboration between Taiwanese-American music producer // Josh Pan // and
Californian music producers // Christian Williams [Xian] // and // Aaron Spasiano
[Gaszia] // a.k.a // X&G // with the recently released MV for the several months
old track


It's been called eclectic, but it's perhaps better viewed as cocktail hour at the latest
upscale downtown club that mixes the best of both worlds in an experimental rhythm
that builds to something you've heard before but can't place. I think there's trap in
there...and a few yelps, and lyrics you will appreciate inbetween the drops, representing
their strength as a musical team. Who influenced what is for you to decide as I include
a couple of solo projects, starting with Josh Pan's tripped out ambient // Real Life //
and the experimental // Kingpin // by X&G that came out a few months back.

• nJoy •

:: JOSH PAN & X&G :: Platinum [Official MV] ::

:: JOSH PAN :: Real Life ::

:: X&G :: Kingpin ::

[Gif: Clip from Josh Pan & X&G's MV: Platinum]


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