Pull up a stool and take a seat at the back of a painted black wall dripping with the
sweat of pogo-ing fanaticists jumping in some kind of order to American alternative
rock band

:: PIXIES ::

ahead of the release of their 6th studio album // Head Carrier // due out September 30,
beginning with the official MV for // Tenement Song // with a creative art direction
and style that leans on the shoulders of pop, before heading to the album's title track
[...seriously, do I need to repeat it? ] and an MV filmed live at Portugal's premiere
music festival, NOS Alive'16, before returning back to the student common room to
press PLAY on the retro post-punk // Um Ghagga Lagga //, finishing off with the
cool sounding // Talent //. All in all, a good listen. If you want to dance round the
room like you're wearing a straitjacket, the album's available to pre-order here,
with a link to a freebie, namely their // Doolittle Anniversary Live EP //.

• nJoy •

:: PIXIES :: Tenement Song [Official MV] ::

:: PIXIES :: Head Carrier [Live set @ NOS Alive'16] ::

:: PIXIES :: Um Ghagga Lagga [Official Audio] ::

:: PIXIES :: Talent [Official Audio] ::

[Still from PIXIES MV Tenement Song: artwork by Vaughan Oliver]


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