Out today, the new album // Remember Us To Life // by indie pop artist


She with the little girl voice combined with adult wisdom that acts like
a magnet for those who like to wear Doc Martens with their tutus, as we
sample 3 audio tracks off the album, beginning with // Small Bill$ //,
presenting a lyrical composition that states that I'm going to know my
final hour. I'm shaking as I get a head start and start running past the
blood filled alley full of deep sleepers to appreciate the melancholic
vocals of the down-tempo // Black and White // which highlights the
appeal of this artist for those who enjoy tears with their coffee whilst
gazing through rain soaked windows at everyone else having a life. Can
I stand another? Apparently I can, as the pace picks up in the piano
pop single // Older and Taller // that informs me that I am alone until
I'm not alone. Guru!! I have found you!! Fans can order here:


• nJoy •

:: REGINA SPEKTOR :: Small Bill$ [Official Audio] ::

:: REGINA SPEKTOR :: Black and White [Official Audio] ::

:: REGINA SPEKTOR :: Older and Taller [Official Audio] ::

[Digiart: regina spektor by IANA]


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