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Rainy day, gazing out the window. Shy love. Introspective indie too old to be called
shoegazing. Suitable for a down-tempo Sunday, I actually like the soft breeze of pop
rock blowin' through my mind. Listen to it alone whilst washing the car or chasing
raindrops down the pane as I share a few tracks from his recent album// Mangy
Love // released on August 26, starting out with the mellow // Bum Bum Bum //
that sets the tone for the overall feel of the album, before heading for // Medusa's
Outhouse //. I would have been so tempted to have made this the title track, but the
song is worthy of consideration as some kind of beautiful anthem to love that has taken
on the nature of poison that tests your voracity for a heady journey. It's music to forget
the middle stream, apparently. I left my favorite last, with // Opposite House // enjoyable
for the soft tone running through the plateaued vibe until, that is, I think of the signature
tune for a really bad Seventies sitcom. Don't do that, and you'll be fine. Available to
order here

• nJoy •

:: CASS MCCOMBS :: Bum Bum Bum ::

:: CASS MCCOMBS :: Medusa's Outhouse ::

:: CASS MCCOMBS :: Opposite House ::

[Art: cass mccombs by IANA]


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