2 x S L G L X

Some trapped out chill for Sunday featuring the musical compositions
of Russian music producer // Artem Kornilov // a.k.a.

:: S L G L X ::

which is modspeak for his SoulGalaxy production company [...why are there
no spaces between the names? ...think 'cool' ...ok ...got it ] We might not know
much about this illusive personality, but that's okay, right? It's all about the
music, and his future garage sound is quality, with sufficient chill to make it a
must add to your cool down Sunday playlist, as we listen to a couple of tracks
that are only a few days old, starting with // Shadows // taking us right into the
space between our left and right lobes, clearing out the ordinary in a solid
rhythmic back beat that lays the foundation for an atmospheric tone that
says: "I got this", before heading to the outside nature sounds of rain, thunder,
wind in the opening to // When We Are Gone //. We're it all. We just don't
remember why.

• nJoy •

:: S L G L X :: Shadows ::

:: S L G L X :: When We Are Gone ::

[Art: Book Cover of "Mystic City" by Theo Lawrence animated by DarkAngelØne]


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