Taking a look at a couple of tracks from American rock band


off their upcoming 8th studio album // Away // due out September 9,
starting with the introspective song // The Industry // with lyrics that
contain the words 'bum rush '. There is a sense of taking stock of a
creative process that has morphed and changed through the usual
twists and turns of life, making you reevaluate personal decisions in
order to understand the present moment, complete with the
inclusion of a man in a space suit seeking answers beyond the
metaphorical hints. Easy to identify, perhaps, as we continue looking
deeper in the personally absorptive track // Okkervil River R.I.P. //.
Despite a year that saw the loss of his grandfather, songwriter Will
Sheff, further explores the same introspective journey. Is this a melody
for the middle aged angst that has you questioning your life's constructs?
In that sense, it is either welcome, relatable, or too much too soon. I'm
going to pretend that its only about the morphing nature of bands. The
lyrics make this a worthwhile listen.

• nJoy •

:: OKKERVIL RIVER :: The Industry [Official MV] ::

:: OKKERVIL RIVER :: Okkervil River R.I.P. [Official MV] ::

[Artwork: Okkervil River 2011 Washington DC Gig Poster]


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