2 x MOBB

Sampling some Seoul sounds from a couple of Kpop rappers collaborating under the

:: MOBB ::

comprising of // Mino // from South Korean boy band, WINNER, and // Bobby // from
iKON, who chose their name not as a union of both of their own [that would be too
obvious...ikr? ] but after the hip hop word for 'crew'. If I'm ever attacked by a mob, I
hope it's only comprised of 1+1, as we take a look at 2 recent releases, starting with
the electro hop // FULL HOUSE //. Nice MV, but that is one aspect that has aided the
popularity of Korean music around the world. In true fashion, they return the dial to
pop in the second track // HIT ME // featuring YG Entertainment's producer // Kush //.
It's passible, with a teenage fan appeal that exhibits their individual personalities to
cement the base and keep them coming back for more. Long before it ended, I was
expecting a guest appearance by PSY, gangham style, but that's the whole point of
this genre that provides entertainment on a variety of levels.

• nJoy •

:: MOBB :: Full House [붐벼] ::

:: MOBB :: Hit Me [빨리 전화해] feat. KUSH ::

[Digiart: mobb by IANA]


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